Winning The Biggest Loser! Does that make you big?

Winning The Biggest Loser! Does that make you big?

Winning The Biggest Loser! Does that make you big?

When Rachel Frederickson walked the stage on the finale of the Biggest Loser Season 15, along with awe, there was a shock in the eyes of the audiences, as she had managed to lose 59.62% of her body weight. Sources have revealed that some of the previous winners have confessed that they have done a great damage to their bodies by following the severe diet and exercise regimen of the show.

Let us take a moment to ponder and see what we are professing to our children. Is it true that until and unless they become thinner, they can’t be winners? Are we not repeatedly telling them through television shows and other different mediums that they have to be thin to be successful? Why don’t we tell them that confidence, sincerity and passion coupled with healthy and balanced lifestyle will take them a long way in life?

According to Dr. Parinda Parikh, Psychiatrist and eating disorder expert, it is true that weight issues affect the psychology of the children, but it is also true that painting a picture in front of the child where they have to be slim and thin to look beautiful is a completely wrong concept and this will affect their psyche more than anything else.  Shows like Biggest Loser recreate an artificial environment which is not compatible with the realistic one. But on a positive note the show also inculcates the feeling that significant weight loss can be achieved through discipline, will power which is needed to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.

Dr. Parikh draws attention to the concerns raised by different research papers regarding the messages and the potential impact of the show on the attitude and behaviors of the young adults and adolescents. It has created a weight bias, and stigmatizes attitudes towards obese persons. Another study also revealed that individuals or youngsters concerned about their weight, watch the show and the notion that individuals control their own weight and obesity is just a matter of personal responsibility further amplifies the problem.

Dr. Parikh, Dr. Adeigbola, and other experts at Second Arc Life Center believe and advocate that obesity is a medical problem which needs to be tackled comprehensively and under clinical guidance. Second Arc Life Center follows an approach of completely testing and analyzing the problem of the obese individual and then helps them holistically through diet and exercise regimens, psychological assessment and various alternative therapies to help them control unhealthy lifestyle and maintain healthy weight without doing a long term damage to their body.

Second Arc Life Center offers programs in which the general growth of the adolescent or the child is not affected and they are encouraged to achieve a healthy weight along with encouraging them to perform better in school, engaging them more in their families and be comfortable in their own skin and their choices. Through the expertise and the experience of the clinicians at Second Arc Life Center many programs are offered which helps the children in various ways.  Therapeutic arts, healing therapeutics, understanding family roles, tackling peer pressure, anxiety management, relaxation and deep breathing, mindfulness, body image and self-esteem building sessions are some of the programs which are offered by Second Arc Life Center. Parent supportive therapy also helps the children in preventing binge eating or unhealthy routines which may further increase the weight.

Dr. Parikh says it is essential to empower your child with self-esteem and confidence which comes in a healthy body and healthy mind. Teach him to stop looking at himself through the world’s eyes but lead a healthy life today for a healthy life tomorrow.

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