Long Nights Taking Care of Others Blossomed Into a Perfect Partnership

Long Nights Taking Care of Others Blossomed Into a Perfect Partnership

Second Arc Life Center opens October 25th, 2013

Years before the founders of Second Arc Life Center, Dr. Parinda Parikh and Dr. Ayodele Adeigbola, decided to bring forth a unique, holistic and integrative approach towards providing treatment and care to their psychiatric patients, they had created a bond that transcended through years, and led to the partnership that is Second Arc Life Center.

Dr. Parinda Parikh who was born in India and raised in Florida, is a double board certified and Weill Cornell trained, child and adolescent / adult psychiatrist with a vast experience in handling the administrative, research and clinical practice aspect of the health care.  Dr. Adeigbola is also a Weil-Cornell trained psychiatrist who has worked extensively in both the community and in patient hospital setting. She was born and raised in Manhattan. She was an associate medical director at Project Renewal where she gained extensive experience in the treatment of substance abuse and community outreach.  During this time she also worked with LGBT youth.

Both Doctors realized how much chemistry they had and took advantage of their great work relationship and deep care of patient’s well being to develop a desire to open their own practice.  It was a long shot, but driven by their commitment to offer their clients concierge service, and client focused treatments they decided to give Second Arc the chance to flourish. Dr. Parikh recently left her job as Chief director of Eating disorder at New York Presbyterian to put her focus on her clients at Second Arc Life Center.

Ironically, during her tenure at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, she met Dr. Adeigbola and worked with her in many overnight calls dealing with the coverage crisis. They discovered a common ground of thinking about the quality of life in individuals suffering from mental illnesses, the ever rising need for community support and trust and soon became a team to do something useful for the community. The challenge of helping inpatients to resume normal life gave them the impetus to try and bring together the community services and acute inpatient care. The doctor duo also realized the lack of aftercare resources for patients, and started working towards the designing of a health care center which would help patients in taking part in leading their treatment and the management of their conditions. With the guiding motto of “the knowledge to navigate” Dr. Parinda Parikh (Director) and Dr. Adeigbola (Co-Director) started the Second Arc Life Center to provide the patients a new approach towards their lives in unknown terrains.

Second Arc Life Center works with the agenda of helping people in creating awareness about their life and devising new goals for promotion of their health. Their mission is to create new avenues for these individuals to lead them to a healthier, confident, creative and meaningful existence through an integrative, holistic, and personalized evidence based Psychiatric treatment and management.

Dr. Parikh and Dr. Adeigbola hope that Second Arc will be like a second home for those in the community needing their services. They took pride in creating an atmosphere that was both warm and uplifting as it is a medical environment. Their effort and team work is very evident in the patient focus space that they both helped to create and the team that support them to reflect a holistic approach to psychiatric challenges and  eating disorders . Second Arc caters to adults, adolescents and children and conveniently located in White Plains, NY. 311 North Street. Suite 201.

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