Is Your Child Addicted to the Internet?

Is Your Child Addicted to the Internet?

Is Your Child Addicted To Internet? 5 Tips To Control Your Child’s Addiction
Do you feel that your child is closer to his online friends than his real friends? Does he compulsively check your smart phone or tablet every now and then? Do you feel that he doesn’t stop playing games once he starts? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then your child is also a victim of internet addiction which is a widespread problem in today’s world not only in children but in adults as well.
Computer addiction or internet addiction or online addiction is an internet addiction disorder which comprises of various problems related with control of impulse. Cybersex addiction, cyber-relationship addiction, net consumption, information overload or computer addiction are some of the problems involved in this disorder. You might ask how one defines unhealthy use of internet. Dr. Parinda Parikh has advised that an overuse of internet which may absorb too much of your time, causes you to neglect or ignore your relationship, work, school or things which are of higher significance in life. She has said that when obsessive insurgence of internet in your life leads to negative consequences, it is time to restrict or limit the internet use by your child. There is a fine line demarcating healthy and unhealthy internet use.
There are many risk factors which have been associated with the development of internet addiction. Some of these factors are anxiety disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, presence of various other addictions, lack of social support, unhappy or under confident teenage, physical disability or lack of social life and stress. The medical staff at second arc life center helps the children and their parents in identifying the signs and symptoms of internet addiction. As a parent, you should lookout for the following symptoms to know when your child has become addicted to internet;
Child loses track of time when online and shows irritable behavior if the concentration or the time he spends online is interrupted.
Your child has problems in completing his projects or assignments and spends his outdoor time sitting in front of the computer.
He/she is isolated from his peers and friends. The child does not want to spend time with any of his real friends.
All your restrictions on your child have failed and he is most happy when online.

Added to these, there are some physical signs of internet addiction as well which mark the presence of internet addiction in your child;

  • Pain or numbness in hands and wrists
  • Dryness in eyes
  • Problems in vision
  • Severe headache, back ache or neck ache
  • Disturbance in sleep
  • Significant weight loss or weight gain

Now that you know your child is suffering from internet addiction, you can use these tips and ways to helps him top his excessive internet use. Parents can help children in many ways by being a good role model, provide them counselling and channelize their energies in more positive direction. You can also get professional help for the child from psychological facilities such as Second Arc Life Center. Here are five most important ways to help your child in getting over his addiction for internet.
Help your child in developing other hobbies and interests like team sports, scouts, after school clubs or community activities to keep him/her away from the phone, laptops or tablets.
Make sure that you follow all the restrictions being imposed by you. Try to keep the computer in a zone where you can monitor your child. Limit the time for which internet is being used and keep an eye on the online activities of your child.
Be tech savvy
Use apps which have parental control. By the use of these apps you can effectively limit the child’s data usage, texting and web browsing to certain time during the day. There are apps which prevent texting or emailing while in motion, you can use them to prevent your child from using mobile phone while driving.
Talk it out
Internet addiction or obsessive/compulsive use of computer can be suggestive of the fact that there may be other social, personal or academic psychological stressors at work. Try to identify the cause of stress in your child’s life and help him in getting rid of it.
Get help
When you are concerned about your child’s mental health, don’t hesitate to seek professional counselling children, at times, respond better to the voice of medical authority. Facilities such as Second Arc Life Center offer comprehensive help to the child through complete assessment tests, medical help from renowned psychiatrists Dr. Adeigbola and Dr. Parinda Parikh and various other activities and therapies such as yoga, music to help your child.

Help your child early in the disorder and you can bring his life back on track.

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