Birthday Blues? 5 Tips on how to make your milestone birthday more memorable

Birthday Blues? 5 Tips on how to make your milestone birthday more memorable

Birthday Blues? 5 tips on how to make you milestone birthday more memorable!  

When we are young, our birthday is the most awaited day of the year. To celebrate the ‘growing up’ years we were made to feel like a ‘princess,’ or ‘prince’, pampered, thrown parties, cakes, and the most important of all, given gifts. But, as we mature, we forget to decipher the true meaning of birthdays but just grimace about how old we have become! If you are one of those who think like this, stop now and turn a new leaf in your life’s story book.

We are living in a stressful world! There is a continuous need for a reason to rejoice, for a reason to take out time from the mundane stuff, and for a reason to live life. Milestone birthdays i.e. turning 21, turning 40, 50 or even turning 60 mark very important landmarks in life. This is the time to sit back and ponder where are you going in life and is this what you envisioned your life to be?

The story and the progress of our lives are not only etched in the lines on our faces but also in the friends we have. the work we do, our children and families and most importantly the lifestyle we lead. So, a milestone birthday is as important in rejoicing with loved ones over the happy and sad years spent together as well as nurturing hope for all the others ahead. Dr. Parikh believes that little things in life such as celebrating a milestone birthday are not only means of celebrations but are also stress busters, relaxing and creating an equilibrium in feelings, thoughts and attitudes in life. After long hours of chit chats and some serious discussion as well, some staff at Second Arc Life Center came up with 5 fun, interesting and happy tips on what to do on milestone birthdays to make them more memorable.

Pamper yourself 

Book an appointment for yourself at your favorite spa or salon. Bring to life, the most cherished dream of getting a day at the spa. Is it time to change that hair style, get a pedicure, nail art done, an exquisitely

relaxing facial or massage or even get a complete makeover.

Dr. Parikh, a Psychiatrist at Second Arc Life Center says that milestone birthdays blues, from turning 30 to the big 60 and beyond are nothing but ‘a state of the mind’ issue when you should see it as a choice of how you look at it in relation to your inner self.

So, choose this birthday to sit back and think about the path your life has been treading on and while you are doing so, give your body the much needed relaxation and pampering.

Make a life bucket list of the things that you want to do 

Experts at Second Arc Life center say that the healthiest thing to do at these milestones is to completely ignore the negative aspects that come with them. Sometimes, you get so busy that you don’t get time to stop and think what you want from life. With age and added years of experience, your goals change and so does your outlook on life. Take out a pen and paper, take a steaming cup of coffee and ask yourself that what you want to do with the years left in your life. What do you want to do in your professional and personal life?

So, it’s time to hit the bucket list. Make a list for a job that’s your passion, volunteer for a cause, go out on that adventure trip, start that hobby, meet all those school friends and even dye your blond hair red!

Take out that list from childhood about things to do before you die and try to make the most of it.

Spend time with old friends and family 

Psychologists have maintained that milestone birthdays are not a time to indulge in self-discovery only but rather looking ahead because you have many decades of life left up your sleeve. Take a positive approach to life and do all the things you have to do, the favorite song, the dance moves, writing down memoirs in your diary or making that painting and yes meeting all the people you love and admire.

Milestone birthday is the most perfect time to meet all those school friends, cousins and family members with whom you have spent the golden years of your life growing up. Laugh with them, smile with them and do not make any way for depression or sadnes to sip through you reunion moments. Celebrate your milestone birthdays with a big bash with all those people without whom your life’s journey would have been incomplete.

Take a break 

Milestone birthdays can be the perfect occasion to stop and look at your world with open eyes, take a break from your life, responsibilities and liabilities and go on a health trip. Plan a vacation to your favorite destination, eat healthy, do a lot of exercise and live life to the fullest before forging ahead in the future.

Go down the memory lane

Make all your milestone birthdays as exciting and hopeful as 21st birthday. Milestone birthdays are meant to celebrate and not to lament. Take out all the older photographs, revamp them and splash them all around your living room. Breathe in the days gone by and make new beginnings on this birthday to last you a lifetime.

Remember whatever birthday you are going to live and celebrate, one thing that always stands true is “youth has no age.”

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