5 Tips to help you combat winter depression this season

5 Tips to help you combat winter depression this season

5 tips to help you combat winter depression this season

The extremely freezing temperatures and the snow storms that have hit the East coast this year have been in news for some time now. In perspective of this many psychiatrist, psychologists and researchers were led to assess the effect of cold weather or winter on depression.  Are winter blues a reality or just a myth? Can you do something to combat the winter blues? Second Arc Life Center compiles a list of 5 must do things to tackle the depression because of the winter season.

Watch out your sugar content

The snow or the winters have the ability to communicate the human brain to consume loads of sweets and chocolates available in the house. You should be extremely careful to avoid sweets since an addiction to sugar and white flour products can have a damaging effect on the physiology and biochemical system of the body. Dr. Adeigbola believes that, “what you eat can ultimately have a large effect on how you feel.”

Controlling your cravings is important when your serotonin levels are low especially for high sugar foods such as junk food and soda because they are known to raise serotonin levels.

Regular workouts

Experts have suggested that an hour of aerobic exercises can have therapeutic effects equivalent to 2.5 hours of light treatment indoors. Exercise can raise the serotonin concentration which can be reduced during the winters.

Stock up on Omega-3’s

A study has proven that omega-3 fatty acids can have positive effects on their emotional health owing to their natural, anti-inflammatory effects. It has been proven that one 500 mg soft gel capsule of omega 3 can elevate and stabilize mood in winters.

Multivitamins may help

We are all aware that our body makes Vitamin D with the help of sunlight but during winters and especially during snowfall Vitamin D amount declines. Even though there is an arguable data supporting the effect of Vitamin supplements on seasonal depression, it has been proven that multivitamins may help in enhancing energy levels during winters.

Supportive therapy

At Second Arc Life Center, we believe that support groups and friends and family play an important role in helping you come out of seasonal depression. Since many of us tend to isolate ourselves when feeling depressed the role of support therapy becomes significant. Individuals need to be encouraged and inspired to continue despite of all the difficult circumstances. Online communities also provide help to combat seasonal depression in youngsters and adults.

Second Arc Life Center offers young adolescents and adults partial and full time programs including alternative therapies, support therapies and pharmacological intervention to help you in overcoming seasonal depression. The holistic approach which is the cornerstone of Drs. Parikh and Adeigbola’s treatment strategy is known to leave a positive effect on the seasonal depression.  2ndarc.com

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