10 Useful tips on how to get ready to welcome spring

10 Useful tips on how to get ready to welcome spring

10 Useful Tips on How to Get Ready To Welcome Spring

Many of us enjoy the winters but some of us hate the dry weather, chilly winds and winter blues! Well, winters are almost gone and get ready to welcome the spring with open arms.  With the clocks “springing forward” this past weekend, there is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner.

When some of us at Second Arc Life Center went into a brainstorming session about how to welcome the new season we came up with brilliant thoughts and innovative ideas to help you clean, retouch and freshen up your home, garden and life for the spring season. We have compiled some of these tips for you as well! Before you can make the transition into the new season, there are a few simple and easy to follow tips which will help you embrace the new season in a much better way.

Tip 1

Get organized as the temperature starts thawing and start luring you outdoors once again!

Tip 2

Change your bright lights for the softer ones because spring season will allow you to do so and you can easily do with lesser lights. The soft lights are not only soothing but also take care of your hefty electricity bills! It is important to clean all light fixtures and replace the burnt out bulbs with fresh ones consuming lesser energy and power.

Tip 3

Check, repair and install the summer screens on your windows for the season.

Tip 4

The weather has changed so start cleaning up the dried leaves and debris from around your home to welcome the new season.

Tip 5

Get your garden ready for spring. You can prune dead branches, trim down the overgrown shrubs, remove any plantings which may have become obstructive. Spread mulch or bark around the trees, shrubs and flowers to make the garden look weed free and well-kept.

Tip 6

For the feel good factor, touch up your door by freshly polishing the hinges, frames and knobs. You can also place new welcome door mat, check the door bell and keep plants at your entrance. Not only is this welcoming for your guests, but you also feel relaxed and rejuvenated before entering your home after a long day’s work.

Tip 7

Keep away all your heavy linen such as quilts, blankets, and get out the lighter bedding. Before putting away the winter stuff, wash and dry clean them properly before storing them away. Use under bed boxes, zippered bags or vacuum sealed bags for storage to provide protection against insects and moths. Air out throws to freshen them up.

Tip 8

Change all the smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

Tip 9

Clean up the kitchen cup boards, refrigerator, and other storage spaces in the house and kitchen. Check for the expiraton dates and discard all the expired canned products. You can also wash the wall to wall carpeting to remove any allergens or dust mites. Also spray a fresh coat of paint on your furniture and change the cushions.

Tip 10

This season has seen heavy snowfall and cold which might have disrupted your walkway. With the advent of higher temperature, take out time to patch cracks, replace loose stones, pebbles, bricks and pavers. Use a power washer to clean or you can even go for a chemical treatment to clean up the embedded stains in the concrete, stone or asphalt. Sweep the sidewalk and remove the cobwebs growing under, tighten the wobbly railings and get a fresh paint on the posts and supports.

Dr. Parikh believes that spring heralds the beginning of new life, welcoming warmer climate, brighter sunshine and new growth all around. It is psychologically invigorating and helpful in releasing some anxiousness and depression of the winters if you have clean, refreshed and welcoming homes!  Spring is always a time to refocus, rethink your path and get back on track if you need to.  So, try our tips and welcome the new season with a new vigor.

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